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The finalists and award-winning products and materials will be exhibited at Design Shanghai and Design Beijing, China in 2020.

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All finalists will be reported by the cooperating official media.

Membership of Lianlian Material Library.

Outline the future | It turns out that this is her material

Maybe you have seen mountains, rivers, seas, desert rainstorms, and June snow-capped mountains.

But I believe you will never think that the new materials we introduce below may dominate the world.

You have missed graphene and nano-amorphous alloys. I believe you will not be willing to miss these new materials again.

What will the material world of the future look like, what kind of environment will future women be in, what life and products they will desire, I believe many industries (cosmetics, accessories, fashion, housewares, electronics) are exploring these questions.

Women will be the dominant players in the future consumer market. When choosing materials that women will love in the future, many companies and brands tend to focus on colors.


However, in addition to color, women often have a lot of requirements for details, performance and even environmental protection. After all, contemporary women are no longer satisfied with just being a face-control school.

Today Neuni will reveal the trend of future new materials and even new materials that female consumers like.

Dream School

Girls are always attracted by beautiful things, and the material that women like in the future, looking good is already the lowest standard. Beautiful materials must also bring more sensory touches and emotional connections to women.

High transparent glass coating

The highly transparent glass coating has a special thin layer that can change the color according to the direction of the light. Technology: Bottom layer: borosilicate glass, float glass and special glass like pipes. Layer temperature: in case there is enough bottom layer: maximum: 450C. Resistance layer: resistance to wipe, water, acid solution and organic solvent.


Scented paper

This material is designed to be both fun and educational. It is mainly aimed at school-age children. Includes 11 different colored papers, each color has a matching scent embedded, which releases the scent when it is scratched.

The combination of color and smell is: orange/orange; light green/mint; light brown/leather; blue/sea breeze; purple/lilac; dark green/Christmas tree; yellow/lemon; black/licorice; red brown/cinnamon; red/strawberry ; Dark brown/garden soil.

A rainbow of colors that can take humans to another world. One with the fragrance and touch of real flowers.



Mushroom material

Like Wonder Woman, many girls are more concerned about a sustainable world. Women in the past made biscuits and cakes in the kitchen. Now in order to save the earth, they are also starting to make mushroom lamps, mushroom packaging, and everything about mushrooms.


Synthetic cellulose

Bacterial cellulose is formed outside the cell by the Gram-negative bacterium Gluconobacter. It is composed of very fine fibers, forming a dense network of nanostructured pure cellulose. The biopolymer synthesized by bacteria does not contain secondary plant compounds such as lignin and hemicellulose. Its three-dimensional nanostructure guarantees its high mechanical stability and high water absorption capacity in wet conditions. It is biocompatible. Applications range from facial masks, to HiFi speakers, or food additives, therapeutic tapes, and other medical materials.


Food ingredients

Although not all girls are foodies, women are naturally attracted when they think of food. Of course, this category has a lot of environmental awareness.

Such as leather made of pineapple leaves. (Of course not leather)


And our favorite mushroom leather, which looks just like real mushrooms.

Mushroom leather

This leather-like material comes from giant mushrooms in South America. Once dried and processed, it has a very soft touch. It can be used for many different products, such as accessories (shoes, bags, etc.). It feels very close to chamois, but it is 100% plant and 100% biodegradable, and comes from 100% renewable resources.



In addition to natural texture and texture, beautiful things can also form a more contemporary visual language through acquired shapes.

Stone paper

Natural marble is cut into stone “skin”, only added a layer of glass fiber reinforcement, the conventional thickness is 0.9mm, the thinnest 0.5mm is the bendable stone “paper”. Retain the natural color and texture, each piece is unique, and some have light transmittance. Granite and slate series can be customized as required.


Wood fabric

“Wood fabric” is a material composed of half wood and half fabric. The texture is between hard and soft, breaking people’s expectations for a material or category. It looks and smells familiar, but it feels strange because it can move and form in unexpected ways. • The process of turning wood into a flexible plank surface is to decompose it into fragments and then connect it to the fabric base. Based on the material shape and size, each design has different flexibility and fluidity.

No creative desire? Then play with Neuni with new materials. Which western materials have her unique side?

Try to use materials with different properties and textures to decorate your boring mood!

The content contains the latest and coolest future new material knowledge lectures

Lecture of the newest materialtrends

You can touch and feel these new materials of the future and understand their craftsmanship in detail!

You can touch these materials and understand their and technique!

If you have always been interested in our new material courses, then don’t miss this workshop. It is super cost-effective and has only 10 places, first come first served.

Ifyou are interested in our new material classes, do not miss the workshop. Seatsare limited to only Ten!
Manual workshop cost: 200 yuan/person (free for consumption over 500)

Workshop Tuition: 200RMB/person (Free for consumption above RMB 500)

Workshop time: 2017/6/22 1:00pm-2:00pm

Good news: we will arrange a workshop once every two weeks

Time: 2017/6/22, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Good News:We have a workshop for two weeks

Address of Handicraft Workshop: Room 101, No.222, Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai

Address: Middle Huaihai Road,No.222, 101#


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NEUNI Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition丨This is an invitation from future life

This is an invitation from future life

When the unique new material design can bring more diversified emotions and bring more interactive experience in the background,

Can we discuss the relationship between the unique product characteristics of new materials and the brand?

Welcome to Neuni’s annual theme exhibition “Brands & New Materials” Let us take a look at how new materials are changing our lives.

Frankfurt-Shanghai Fashion Furniture Fair

Interior Lifestyle China, founded in 2007, is the continuation of Ambiente, the world’s largest spring consumer goods exhibition in Frankfurt, in China. After years of accumulation, Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition has become a veritable “brand event” for household and daily necessities in the industry, representing the highest level of domestic daily necessities. Target China’s high-end home furnishings and daily necessities exhibition, bringing together home furnishing brands from all over the world, seasonal new products, fashion trends, leading the new trend of local fashion lifestyle.

Brand and new meterial

As the only global new material service platform in China, Neuni Materio focuses on more than 7,000 new materials around the world. It will bring you Nueni’s exclusive “large-scale randomization” and “designers” at this Interior Lifestyle China “Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition” “Manufacture”, “Caring Products” and “New Luxuryism” four new indoor lifestyle trend concepts and four new materials display. These new trend concepts and real exhibits can not only bring new design inspirations, but also promote the integration and application of new materials in daily life, allowing people to better understand the concept of global new materials.

Ms. Wu Di, the founder of Neuni, will bring her unique thoughts on brands and new materials in this exhibition.

Reinterpret the trend of indoor life.

Elisa strozyk’s China debut

Elisa strozyk, representative of the new generation of creators

Only we can’t think of it, no designer can’t do it. Wooden quilt, woven lamps. Elisa, who graduated from Central St. Martin’s MA Future Textiles, has created amazing wooden textiles through her exquisite digital handwork, soft wood, changeable woven products, exquisite and each gesture.

This time Neuni will bring you the first Chinese show of the works of German designer Elisa strozyk at the Interior Lifestyle China Shanghai Fashion Fair! Come to Nenui to see Elisa’s ingenious new material design.

Soft wooden quilt

Delicate combination of triangle lamps

Neuni not only has ideas, but also has real materials


The new sports-style home uses two colors of turquoise and evergreen, and is perfectly combined with a variety of sports-themed furniture to create a smart and energetic living space.

Why do work and life have to be lifeless, young, it must be different!

The conference table is not only inspired by the overall color form of table tennis, but the table itself also reflects the designer’s idea of sports.

The table looks like a ping-pong table, and the pvc net on it is a conference table with storage function.

So Neuni not only dared to think, but also dared to do it. What’s more important is that Neuni will show you the genuine products this time!

If you want to know more, come to the Neuni booth of Interior Lifestyle China.

Address: 1000 Yanji Middle Road, Shanghai Exhibition Center Booth D2012 D2011

Time: 2017.9.14-15 9:00am-5:00pm / 2017.9.16 9:00am-12:00am


Neuni MateriO is the only global new material service platform in China,

Has reached a strategic alliance with MateriO in Paris, Prague, Brussels and Seoul,

Can provide more than 7,000 reference materials selected by designers and researchers around the world,

It is also an incubation platform that connects innovative manufacturers and independent designers.

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The trend is to lead!

The 2017 Interior Lifestyle China Frankfurt Spring Consumer Fair will be grandly opened in Shanghai on 9.14!Neuni brought the latest “Lifestyle Trends” and new materials to the Interior Lifestyle China!

Four major lifestyle development trends

Randomization of scale

Passing an innovative concept to the manual or machine manufacturing process, the randomization of the design is realized. The pre-designed and automatically generated patterns are accidental and produce different effects every moment. “Customization” without the participation of customizers. Each product in the product line is different from the others, and each is unique.

Leather goods companies produce a large amount of waste materials, scraps, leftovers, and worthless waste to reuse. 100% of the raw materials are source animals, but only leftovers not used by the leather factory. Such materials protect the ecology on the other hand. The environment is unique, novel and diverse.

With such amazing new materials, Neuni brought more at Frankfurt-Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Fair!

Designer made

Designers are more involved in product production and pay more attention to the use of materials. In order to achieve the best use effect and sustainability, designers will even create their own materials. The traditional craftsmanship and modern design context are combined here. In industrial production, designers often leave the manufacturing process to the manufacturer to complete, and the manual manufacturing process uses a novel small system to process traditional materials, try different material effects, and run through the design intent from design to completion. New mechanisms have been created and broken to create strange organic shapes, some delicate and sensual objects that are difficult to identify from the source.

The patch is an oval rice paper sheet, which is completely hand-cut and collaged by the designer. The production of the entire lamp requires about 5-6 processes, including the natural air-drying waiting time. Therefore, it takes about a week to complete the production of a lamp. The overlap between the patch and the patch will fuse together under the light, which not only plays a solid role, but also presents a very soft and natural effect.


Traditional luxury is about history, status, heritage and craftsmanship. When luxury evolved into being made in China and labelled in Italy, a new, more affordable and democratic new luxuryism was born. This is related to conscious capitalism, which means that it is no longer purely profit-driven behavior, but a value-driven customer-oriented trend with a sense of social and environmental responsibility.


In the art of restoration, consumers can participate in the production and design of products, and manually repair broken items with gold or silver paint.

Customers will have the opportunity to participate in product design and demonstrate their identity with brand values. The product retrieves the traditional handicraft feel and becomes more beautiful over time, recording the connection with the user. Imperfection has also become a resistance to the same automated industrial production. Humans and machines have entered a more exploratory era together.

(Neuni also has its own regular workshop. If you are also interested and want to experience new material production and 3D printing, please follow us!)

Caring products

The care that the product gives to the user establishes a real connection. This is a technology-driven trend. For example, nanotechnology allows products to innovate at a micro level beyond the reach of human vision. Humans can assemble atoms, capture solar photons, install photovoltaic cells in products, and manufacture feedback systems that can monitor health and hygiene and provide comfort. These different forms of solar panels provide easily available and convenient energy. In addition, there are caring materials such as self-cleaning fabrics, graphene coatings that can absorb harmful substances.

Paint that can absorb harmful substances, does not require any energy, is simple and convenient to paint on the wall, it can be 24 years a year
Absorb 98%-99% of volatile pollutants per hour


Design needs to go beyond pure function and perception. The advancement of technology has instead promoted products that are more emotional and more humane.

I believe that the content of this tip of the iceberg is definitely not enough to satisfy you,

Neuni sincerely invites you to come to Frankfurt-Shanghai Fashion Furniture Fair to listen to our founder Lyla Wu

The most comprehensive interpretation of new materials and life development trends

Neuni MateriO is the only global new material service platform in China. It has entered into a strategic alliance with MateriO in Paris, Prague, Brussels and Seoul. It can provide more than 7000 reference materials selected by global designers and researchers, and it is also a connected innovative manufacturing. An incubation platform for commercial enterprises and independent designers.

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Neuni Shop address

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457 Jumen Road, Shanghai, PRC
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