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The 2017 Interior Lifestyle China Frankfurt Spring Consumer Fair will be grandly opened in Shanghai on 9.14!Neuni brought the latest “Lifestyle Trends” and new materials to the Interior Lifestyle China!

Four major lifestyle development trends

Randomization of scale

Passing an innovative concept to the manual or machine manufacturing process, the randomization of the design is realized. The pre-designed and automatically generated patterns are accidental and produce different effects every moment. “Customization” without the participation of customizers. Each product in the product line is different from the others, and each is unique.

Leather goods companies produce a large amount of waste materials, scraps, leftovers, and worthless waste to reuse. 100% of the raw materials are source animals, but only leftovers not used by the leather factory. Such materials protect the ecology on the other hand. The environment is unique, novel and diverse.

With such amazing new materials, Neuni brought more at Frankfurt-Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Fair!

Designer made

Designers are more involved in product production and pay more attention to the use of materials. In order to achieve the best use effect and sustainability, designers will even create their own materials. The traditional craftsmanship and modern design context are combined here. In industrial production, designers often leave the manufacturing process to the manufacturer to complete, and the manual manufacturing process uses a novel small system to process traditional materials, try different material effects, and run through the design intent from design to completion. New mechanisms have been created and broken to create strange organic shapes, some delicate and sensual objects that are difficult to identify from the source.

The patch is an oval rice paper sheet, which is completely hand-cut and collaged by the designer. The production of the entire lamp requires about 5-6 processes, including the natural air-drying waiting time. Therefore, it takes about a week to complete the production of a lamp. The overlap between the patch and the patch will fuse together under the light, which not only plays a solid role, but also presents a very soft and natural effect.


Traditional luxury is about history, status, heritage and craftsmanship. When luxury evolved into being made in China and labelled in Italy, a new, more affordable and democratic new luxuryism was born. This is related to conscious capitalism, which means that it is no longer purely profit-driven behavior, but a value-driven customer-oriented trend with a sense of social and environmental responsibility.


In the art of restoration, consumers can participate in the production and design of products, and manually repair broken items with gold or silver paint.

Customers will have the opportunity to participate in product design and demonstrate their identity with brand values. The product retrieves the traditional handicraft feel and becomes more beautiful over time, recording the connection with the user. Imperfection has also become a resistance to the same automated industrial production. Humans and machines have entered a more exploratory era together.

(Neuni also has its own regular workshop. If you are also interested and want to experience new material production and 3D printing, please follow us!)

Caring products

The care that the product gives to the user establishes a real connection. This is a technology-driven trend. For example, nanotechnology allows products to innovate at a micro level beyond the reach of human vision. Humans can assemble atoms, capture solar photons, install photovoltaic cells in products, and manufacture feedback systems that can monitor health and hygiene and provide comfort. These different forms of solar panels provide easily available and convenient energy. In addition, there are caring materials such as self-cleaning fabrics, graphene coatings that can absorb harmful substances.

Paint that can absorb harmful substances, does not require any energy, is simple and convenient to paint on the wall, it can be 24 years a year
Absorb 98%-99% of volatile pollutants per hour


Design needs to go beyond pure function and perception. The advancement of technology has instead promoted products that are more emotional and more humane.

I believe that the content of this tip of the iceberg is definitely not enough to satisfy you,

Neuni sincerely invites you to come to Frankfurt-Shanghai Fashion Furniture Fair to listen to our founder Lyla Wu

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