NEUNI Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition丨This is an invitation from future life

This is an invitation from future life

When the unique new material design can bring more diversified emotions and bring more interactive experience in the background,

Can we discuss the relationship between the unique product characteristics of new materials and the brand?

Welcome to Neuni’s annual theme exhibition “Brands & New Materials” Let us take a look at how new materials are changing our lives.

Frankfurt-Shanghai Fashion Furniture Fair

Interior Lifestyle China, founded in 2007, is the continuation of Ambiente, the world’s largest spring consumer goods exhibition in Frankfurt, in China. After years of accumulation, Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition has become a veritable “brand event” for household and daily necessities in the industry, representing the highest level of domestic daily necessities. Target China’s high-end home furnishings and daily necessities exhibition, bringing together home furnishing brands from all over the world, seasonal new products, fashion trends, leading the new trend of local fashion lifestyle.

Brand and new meterial

As the only global new material service platform in China, Neuni Materio focuses on more than 7,000 new materials around the world. It will bring you Nueni’s exclusive “large-scale randomization” and “designers” at this Interior Lifestyle China “Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition” “Manufacture”, “Caring Products” and “New Luxuryism” four new indoor lifestyle trend concepts and four new materials display. These new trend concepts and real exhibits can not only bring new design inspirations, but also promote the integration and application of new materials in daily life, allowing people to better understand the concept of global new materials.

Ms. Wu Di, the founder of Neuni, will bring her unique thoughts on brands and new materials in this exhibition.

Reinterpret the trend of indoor life.

Elisa strozyk’s China debut

Elisa strozyk, representative of the new generation of creators

Only we can’t think of it, no designer can’t do it. Wooden quilt, woven lamps. Elisa, who graduated from Central St. Martin’s MA Future Textiles, has created amazing wooden textiles through her exquisite digital handwork, soft wood, changeable woven products, exquisite and each gesture.

This time Neuni will bring you the first Chinese show of the works of German designer Elisa strozyk at the Interior Lifestyle China Shanghai Fashion Fair! Come to Nenui to see Elisa’s ingenious new material design.

Soft wooden quilt

Delicate combination of triangle lamps

Neuni not only has ideas, but also has real materials


The new sports-style home uses two colors of turquoise and evergreen, and is perfectly combined with a variety of sports-themed furniture to create a smart and energetic living space.

Why do work and life have to be lifeless, young, it must be different!

The conference table is not only inspired by the overall color form of table tennis, but the table itself also reflects the designer’s idea of sports.

The table looks like a ping-pong table, and the pvc net on it is a conference table with storage function.

So Neuni not only dared to think, but also dared to do it. What’s more important is that Neuni will show you the genuine products this time!

If you want to know more, come to the Neuni booth of Interior Lifestyle China.

Address: 1000 Yanji Middle Road, Shanghai Exhibition Center Booth D2012 D2011

Time: 2017.9.14-15 9:00am-5:00pm / 2017.9.16 9:00am-12:00am


Neuni MateriO is the only global new material service platform in China,

Has reached a strategic alliance with MateriO in Paris, Prague, Brussels and Seoul,

Can provide more than 7,000 reference materials selected by designers and researchers around the world,

It is also an incubation platform that connects innovative manufacturers and independent designers.

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